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Ministry of Justice and Security | DJI

Client Ministry of Justice / DJI
Tasks consultancy | project management
Region The Netherlands
Year 2005
Goal (1) corporate identity DJI (2) A new Intranet which plays a crucial role in establishing the corporate identity

Corporate identity and Intranet

DJI (Dienst Justitiele Inrichtingen / Custodial Institutions Agency) is engaged in a major transformation process since 2003. Corporate identity within the organization is of utmost importance and a new Intranet (Vangnet) plays a crucial role in contributing to the DJI-wide-we-feeling.

DJI includes prisons, penitentiaries, TBS clinics, detention and deportation centers. DJI has more than 85 branches, where over 18,000 people work. DJI is therefore one of the largest employers in the Netherlands.


  • Management projectteam
  • Deskresearch
  • Sitescan
  • Interviews with stakeholders (inter alia, on location at prisons)
  • Consultancy report
  • UX strategy new Intranet
  • DJI report Intranet - p1

    DJI report - p1

  • DJI report Intranet - p2

    DJI report - p2

  • DJI report Intranet - p3

    DJI report - p3

DJI - corporate identity | intranet

DJI – corporate identity | intranet



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