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Oosterhout, De Contreie

Client Oosterhout (NB)
Tasks strategy | creative concept | film production | editorial work
Region The Netherlands
Year 2008
Goal (1) Promote de Contreie) | (2) Inform & inspire potential buyers


A series of short films in which the construction of the Contreie is recorded. The presentation of the Contreie in these films is based on the four pillars of the brand guide: creating home together, green oasis, front yard Oosterhout and rich history.


Video branded content

Apart from the release of the videos as a marketing tool they are also ideally suited to inform, inspire and to build a community: creation and continuation of (larger) involvement. This makes the choice to live in the Contreie more attractive and understandable to potential buyers and renters. The pioneering spirit of ‘building in a new way’ in the Contreie is supported with personal reports and interviews.

An item in the short films: think and write a self invented street name on a street sign where the main character (for example Nico Dijk – city archaeologist) would like to live, and why.


Short films

video branded content - concept dutch streetnames Oosterhout

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Producer Igo Geurtjens
Director Frank van Lieshout
Director of photography / camera operator Hans Bouma
Interviewer Frank van Lieshout
Interviewer Igo Geurtjens
Sound Bram Meindersma
Sound Jillis Schriel ("Opening")
Film editor Duco Racké & Igo Geurtjens ("Opening")


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