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Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG)

Client Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG)
Tasks Consultancy (digital / online & creative) | Providing training & workshops
Region The Netherlands
Year 2014 - 2017

Workshop digital communication VNG

Creative concept: the municipality as a brand

  • As part of the ambition and objectives, citizens and municipal officials tell their story from their own background and their own environment, from all corners of the Netherlands, linked to a theme of the site such as “The municipality. How does it work?”. Or “Why should I vote?”. Showcase “Civic Initiatives”. Guides.
  • Powerful and story-telling photo & movie material.
  • Ideal for sharing over and use of social media.
  • In the course of time, this can result in a (interactive) online documentary about various topics, the message, about people, by people, with diverse backgrounds from different environments: resulting in a positive contribution to the brand ‘The municipality’.
  • Easy to translate to e.g. ‘print’ and ‘radio’ at a later stage.


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